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It’s ok to be a trailblazer

… and other insights from photographer Tracey Murray

If Tracey Murray had the world her way, she would be a bear and hibernate in winter, reading mountains of books, drinking hot chocolate and eating delicious soups all season long.

Luckily for the many locals who have benefited from her personal and business branding photography sessions, Tracey is not a bear. She is, instead, a brave and passionate human who loves beautiful things. We caught up with her to discuss where she finds inspiration, what she thinks of running her own business and, of course, what fashion means to her.

She always had fresh flowers on the table

As always, a woman's story starts with those who came before her. When we mentioned this to Tracey, she reflected on WW2 and the way women during the war kept the 'home fires burning', working in factories producing uniforms and munitions, amongst many other roles. Still, once the war ended, they were expected to return to their former lives as homemakers. "I find it unbelievable that when a woman got married in the '50s and '60s, she immediately lost her job" she exclaimed.

Fresh home grown Ranunculi from Collector Cottage

So it came as little surprise when Tracey identified her grandmother as her greatest inspiration. A woman of passion and adventure, she followed her Dutch fiancé from Holland to South Africa, disembarking from the ship and heading straight to the Magistrate's Office for a simple wedding. Her grandmother’s homes were always beautiful, full of antique furniture and art collections, and she always had fresh flowers on the table. "I think I inherited my bravery and love of beauty from her," Tracey mused. We think Tracey has taken these into her business life too where she brings out her client's best and most authentic selves.

Having your own business is the best

Born in South Africa, Tracey had two businesses there before emigrating to Australia and settling in Canberra 14 years ago, where she took a job in administration at an all-girls school. Having opened her business, Tracey Murray Photography, in 2013, she knew it was time to be her own boss again, and in 2018 she became fully self employed.

Initially, I thought I would specialise in family photography, but once I started networking with other businesses, I quickly realised there was a gap in the market for branding photography, so I pivoted into personal and business branding imagery, and the rest is history.”

Tracey Murray photo Tracey Murray Photography

My 5 year goal is to have a studio space and a few employees to assist. “Having your own business is the best. I'm a big believer in following your own path and believing in yourself, which is what I encourage my clients to do in every session. Branding imagery is more than just taking a picture; it showcases a client's personality and shows potential clients what it looks like to work with you. I am passionate about women being financially independent, and by helping my clients to elevate their own brands and attract more clients, I feel like I am helping them achieve that”.

And on the topic of fashion?

Tracey’s personal style oozes personality. It’s all about beautiful patterns, maxi dresses with empire waistlines and statement earrings. Behind the colour and fun, it’s about comfort and fabric. No “straight-jackets”, tight waistbands or polyester. “Every time you wash a polyester garment, microplastics are released into our waterways,” she emphasises. ‘It’s ok to be a trailblazer’ marks the beginning of our monthly conversations about all things wisdom, life and style in no particular order. We will be talking to women of all backgrounds, generations and life experiences, for in life, as in fashion, we all have our own style.

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