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Made in Italy

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

The Story begins in a fascinating and contradictory Milano in the late seventies. Was a period of conflict, and political commitment but also of a lot of creativity and desire for redemption.

It was the era of big change and student revolts, but above all, I was born and the creation of Appeal, the most controversial and modern fashion magazine. 1977.

Appeal manages, for the first time in Italy, to open the doors of the most unique and prestigious fashion designers. The almighty fashion brands opened their archives offering precious clothes and accessories for shooting. Armani, Valentino, Missoni, Albini, Ferre'...indelible imprint!

And then my muse, the incredible woman that made me felt in love with designer fashion! Ever heard of Maria Bianchi, nickname Miuccia?? Born in 1948 in Milan, daughter of Luigi Bianchi and Luisa Prada. Yep, you got it right, Miuccia, the genius behind Prada! She was an explosion of fashion.

An eclectic and rebellious young woman who lived in an Italy made up of the social movements and hymns to freedom of the 1960s. Thanks to her the face of fashion was about to change. She was only 23 when she joined the family business and started her clothing collection, the first Prada clothing collection. I was only 11 years old when her first runway show was in 1988! oh, boy was unreal and I only had small little eyes. The models appeared as school girls, a little bohemian with a strange kind of look, almost an ugly look. Her slogan was " Ugly is attractive, ugly is exciting".

Through her creations Miuccia told me about the emancipation of the woman and her role in society, she taught me self-confidence, freedom of expression, and a love for politics!

"Women have many faces, we are complex, we are lovers, mothers, workers!.. M. Prada be continued!

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